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Latin America Trade Bulletin: Exports, FTAs, Import Requirements



Mercosur-Egypt FTA approved
The Argentinean Congress recently ratified Mercosur’s free trade agreement with Egypt, thereby bringing the agreement into force. Originally signed Aug. 2, 2010, the FTA includes provisions on trade in goods, investment, services, rules of origin, preferential safeguards, and dispute settlement.

Ley 27361
Agreement seeks to boost exports, increase domestic content for motorcycles
In the first stage of the agreement import tariffs will be increased from 20 percent to 35 percent for motorcycles of less than 250 cubic centimeters in engine size but will be decreased from 20 percent to 10 percent for unfinished motorcycles. The agreement aims to quintuple exports within four years.

Grain exports on behalf of third parties authorized
The government has repealed a 2008 resolution that prohibited grain exports by intermediaries, allowing smaller producers to use third-party services to export.

Trade with Brazil to be simplified to aid SMEs

New criterion values adopted for cymbals
New reference/criterion values ranging from US$12.60 to US$73.00 per unit apply to cymbals classified under NCM 9206.00.00 from South Korea, North Korea, China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. If the declared values of these goods are lower than the new criterion values, which are purportedly aimed at preventing the under-invoicing of imports, the importer must pay a guarantee equivalent to the difference in duties on the declared value and the criterion value.

General Resolution 4074/2017


Modernized FTA with Canada signed
The updated agreement includes a new chapter that acknowledges the importance of applying gender perspectives to economic and trade issues to ensure that economic growth benefits everyone. The two sides have also reaffirmed their commitment to globally endorsed corporate social responsibility standards, such as the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which provide guidelines with respect to the environment, community relations, labor, human rights, and anti-corruption efforts.

General Directorate for International Economic Relations
Talks seek to expand trade with Thailand
Authorities agreed to expand the exchange of agricultural products, mainly fruit; proposed to collaborate to increase e-commerce; and suggested a series of improvements to their 2015 free trade agreement to facilitate trade and cooperation.

Import requirements for cereal seeds modified
The phytosanitary certificate for imports of Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum seeds must include a declaration indicating that the shipment originated in a seed bed that was inspected during its active growth period. If the inspection detected any symptoms of wheat streak mosaic virus, the shipment must have been analyzed (the diagnostic technique must be indicated on the certificate) and found free of that pest. This requirement will apply to wheat seeds harvested on or after Oct. 1.

Exempt Resolution 3215/2017
New import requirements for seedlings and micro bulbs from the EU
Imports of Ranunculus asiaticus seedlings and Lilium spp. seminal micro bulbs intended for propagation must be accompanied by an official phytosanitary certificate, be free of certain pests, and comply with various other requirements.

Exempt Resolution 3071/2017
Exempt Resolution 3159/2017


Efforts being made to expand market access for dairy products in EU
The Colombian government is working to obtain approval from European Union authorities to export processed dairy products made with Colombian milk to the EU. The European Commission has approved a work plan developed by Colombian authorities that domestic milk farms and production facilities will have to follow to ensure that their products comply with all applicable EU requirements.

Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism
Colombia moves closer to implementing FTA with Israel
Colombia’s House of Representatives approved a measure to implement the agreement by a 70-21 vote. Israel has already completed its internal approval procedures and the FTA will come into effect when Colombia follows suit. Colombian authorities said the agreement will be especially beneficial for the agricultural and agroindustrial sector.

Marco Trade


New import requirements for bovines from Canada
Bovines for breeding activities, fattening, expositions, or fairs must be accompanied by an official health certificate issued by Canadian authorities attesting compliance with a range of requirements. 



Pacific Alliance approves guidelines for countries to become associate members
Trade officials from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru also approved observer status for Slovenia, Croatia, and Lithuania; reviewed the thematic and logistical aspects of the June 26-30 Pacific Alliance summit; and continued work aimed at harmonizing regulatory requirements for food supplements sold across the region.

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
IPR, sanitary and phytosanitary rules complicate Mercosur-EU association agreement
However, negotiators are optimistic about the possibility of resolving disagreements on agriculture, market access for industrial goods, services, and government procurement.