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Latin America Trade Bulletin: Trade Facilitation, Digital Certificates, AEO



Measures to facilitate import operations adopted
Argentinean Customs now has the flexibility to determine whether imports subject to antidumping duties need to undergo a “red channel” inspection, which involves enhanced oversight. The government has also broadened the types of guarantees that importers must provide if the value of their goods is lower than any applicable criterion values.
General Resolution 4131/2017]
Resolution 494/2017]
New program seeks to increase SME exports
The program, which will take effect in October, was developed to simplify the process of making small volume exports through postal service providers certified by Argentinean Customs without the intervention of third parties.
Marco Trade]
Pilot program on digital origin certificates implemented with Uruguay
The two countries will be able to use digital origin certificates to request preferential duty treatment within the framework of their existing economic complementation agreements. Initially, digital certificates will need to be accompanied by the corresponding paper certificate.
General Resolution 4137/2017]
Import regime for capital goods of investment projects updated
Boletín Oficial]
Phytosanitary import requirements now online
AD actions on PET granules, sunglasses, mosaics
- polyethylene terephthalate in granules from China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand: AD duty of eight percent replaced with duties of 16.0 percent for China, 12.0 percent for India, 17.61 percent for South Korea, 15.0 percent for Taiwan, and 9.09 percent for Thailand
Resolution 500/2017]
- sunglasses from China: determination that imports of sunglasses classified under NCM 9004.10.00 from Taiwan are not circumventing this order
Disposition 47/2017]
Disposition 48/2017]
- Venetian mosaics from China: determination that imports of certain Venetian mosaics classified under NCM 7016.10.00 from Malaysia are not circumventing this order
Disposition 49/2017]


Oct. 21 deadline for comments on new import process within electronic single window
Developed in close cooperation with the private sector, the government’s proposal aims to establish procedures that increase the efficiency and speed of the import process while ensuring that import operations are monitored effectively. Among other things, a new single import declaration would replace the current import declaration as well as the simplified import declaration. The new process is expected to be in place by the end of 2018 and will benefit more than 40,000 importers.
Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Services]
New way to apply for authorized economic operator program
Applicants will now need to access the AEO system functionality within the electronic single window for trade operations to submit all relevant information. The AEO system will provide records of the certification review as well as resources for direct communication with the relevant stakeholders. 
Receita Federal]
Duties on IT, automotive, textile, other products lowered
Brazilian authorities recently announced the addition of 115 items to a list of foreign capital goods and information technology and telecommunications goods that benefit from duty-free treatment under the Ex-Tarifario regime, down from 14 or 16 percent. Nine items have also been added to the list of automotive parts that benefit from a reduced two percent duty, down from 14, 16, or 18 percent. Moreover, a tariff-rate quota has been established for 12 months on up to 1,249 tons of single yarn of viscose rayon with a twist not exceeding 120 turns per meter classified under NCM 5403.31.00.
CAMEX Resolution 75/2017]
CAMEX Resolution 76/2017]
CAMEX Resolution 77/2017]
CAMEX Resolution 78/2017]
AD actions on steel flat-rolled products, ballpoint pens
- preliminary affirmative CV duty determination on hot-rolled flat-rolled products of alloy or non-alloy steel from China and extension of final determination from Nov. 21, 2017, to May 21, 2018
Circular 50/2017]
- final determinations in anti-circumvention investigations of AD duty order on ballpoint pens from China
Directive 33/2017]
Directive 34/2017]
Directive 36/2017]



Trade agreement with Argentina to be expanded
The agreement includes new disciplines in such areas as investment, services, government procurement, telecommunications, electronic commerce, competition policy, environmental and labor issues, gender issues, and small and medium-sized enterprises. It also seeks to improve the existing provisions regarding technical standards, customs procedures, and sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
General Directorate for International Economic Relations]
New strategy to attract foreign investment unveiled
The strategy explains the benefits of promoting foreign investment, discusses how to position Chile as a business and investment center as well as a global platform to access other markets, outlines the economic sectors that should be prioritized, and delves into other related matters such as fostering a favorable investment climate and promoting foreign investment at the regional level.
Decree 56/2017]
New import requirements for used livestock material, hazelnuts
Used livestock material (any object or element that has been in contact with live animals, any products thereof, and animal feed, with the exception of implements for use in equines) must be accompanied by a certificate of washing and disinfection issued by the company that carried out those processes. Such material will also be inspected by Chilean health officials upon importation.
Exempt Resolution 5887/2017]
Hazelnuts with and without a shell from Argentina must be accompanied by an official phytosanitary certificate and comply with various other requirements.
Exempt Resolution 5880/2017]


Duty-free treatment for more products to comply with Information Technology Agreement
The ITA currently includes 82 participants representing approximately 97 percent of world trade in IT products.
Decree 1563/2017]

AD actions on DOP plasticizer, potatoes
- initiation of sunset review of AD duty orders on DOP plasticizer classified under HTSCO 2917.32.0000 from Mexico and South Korea
Resolution 156/2017]
- extension from Oct. 10 to Oct. 25 of deadline for preliminary AD duty determination on frozen potatoes prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, classified under HTSCO 2004.10.0000, from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands
Resolution 163/2017]


Dialogue launched on post-Brexit trade relations with UK
The dialogue with Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador is aimed at ensuring that preferential duty treatment is preserved after the UK withdraws from the European Union, whose free trade agreement with the three Andean countries will cease to apply with respect to the UK when Brexit is completed in 2019.
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism]
AD duty order on fabric from India renewed for five years
The order covers woven fabrics of polyester staple fibers mixed mainly or solely with viscose rayon staple fibers classified under HTSPE 5515.11.0000 from India. Such goods will continue to face AD duties ranging from US$1.12 to US$2.76 per kilogram.
Resolution N° 202-2017/CDB-INDECOPI]


Economic emergency decree extended through mid-November
Among other things, this decree allows the president to:
- adopt all necessary exceptional and temporary regulations to guarantee the production and distribution of strategic items;
- authorize commercialization and distribution operations in border areas under special regimes;
- establish administrative structures and issue regulations aimed at guaranteeing the timely, efficient, and fair production and distribution of food products and raw materials, as well as agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, and household products and inputs; and
- activate, promote, and optimize the operation of a system to determine costs, performance, and fair prices
Decree 3074/2017]


Trans-Pacific Partnership renegotiation sees “significant progress”
Agreements on legal, intellectual property, and other issues were reached at a recent meeting and negotiators plan to meet again in Tokyo in October in hopes of concluding a deal in November. More than 50 amendments to the TPP were introduced after the U.S. withdrew in January.